• Want a chance to get your song mixed by an award winning mixing engineer, for free?

    Roughly a few times a year (time permitting), I will pick a song from submissions through this form, and mix it for free.

    This is not a "contest", and it's not random. I simply love mixing great songs, and it's also a good way to introduce my mixing services to a wider variety of bands and artists.

    I will listen to all submissions and I will pick one to mix at absolutely no cost to the band or artist, other than the permission to use the mix in my online demos of my work (my own site, YouTube, and/or Soundcloud page).

    Selected songs will be promoted online via my web site and social media (FB, Twitter, etc.) with links to the artist's site.

    There are some conditions, though:

    • I will NOT work on any songs where there is a pre-mixed backing track and then one or more tracks of vocals. ALL the instruments must be on their own tracks.
    • I will work with you to get the mix sounding the way you want, and will do up to 2 sets of revisions for free. If additional revisions are necessary, I may charge a small fee for the extra time.
    • You grant me permission to use the full mix as a demo of my work online, including the possibility of including the song in a mixing breakdown video tutorial for YouTube.

    Fill out the form below to submit your song for consideration.

  • Accepted file types: mp3, wav, aif, aiff, aac, mp4.
    Please upload a rough mix, or the current mix, of your song for consideration. 15MB max file size. Audio files only. You can alternately provide a download link (below).
  • If you have a download link, or online link (Soundcloud, etc.), for you song, you can provide that here instead of uploading a file.
  • Please give me as much info about the recording as possible, including what format the files are in (what software did you record with), number of tracks, where it was recorded, type of sound you are going for, etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.