Current Pricing for Mixing

  • $200 – $495 USD per song – Depending on complexity of the song/arrangement, how many tracks, and how much “fixing” is needed. If you’ve got a great song that I would really enjoy mixing, I may mix it for free! To get a quote for your song, please fill out the mixing submissions form.

Terms & Conditions

  • Quoted prices are per song. Final price depends on the above mentioned factors, plus possibly discounts for the mixing of multiple songs, or a full album project.
  • Quoted Price includes up to 2 sets of revisions.
  • Additional revisions are $25 each.
  • Price also includes up to 3 alternate mixes, such as instrumental, vocal only, and performance mixes, as requested.
  • Pricing assumes that all tracks are sent fully mix ready!
  • Any tuning, editing, or clean up of extraneous noises or unwanted audio is done at a rate of $60 per hour.
  • A 50% deposit is required before any mixing work.
  • High resolution final files are delivered only after the remaining balance is paid.


  • “Quick mastered” versions of the mix are provided so that you can hear what the mix might sound like once mastered to current industry loudness levels.
  • Real mastering can be added for $50 per song, when done individually, or at a rate of $60 per hour when mastering a collection of songs (usually much cheaper than the per song rate).
  • Other Seattle area mastering engineers can be contracted for mastering if desired. Rates will vary depending on the mastering engineer.

 Getting the most for your money!

My goal is for you to be completely satisfied with the mixing I do for you! 

However, I’m not a mind reader, and without proper communication, I may take the mix in a totally different direction that what you had in mind.

I’m usually pretty good at judging what will work best for a song, and we can usually work together to get the mix to where you want it without any extra revisions or charges. The key, though, is working together! This means we need to discuss the song in detail first via phone or email, and you need to provide me with as much direction as you can, so that I have a clear view of how you want your mix to sound.

Audio samples, or links to other similar songs that have the type of sound you are going for are always a big help!

I do NOT charge you for my time when discussing your project in detail or transferring files back and forth. That is all included in my very reasonable pricing.

Make sure your songs are ready for mixing! Don’t send me projects with multiple takes that need to be comped, or with vocals that need tuning, or with tracks that have extra sounds or noises that don’t belong in the song. All those things are part of the production and recording process, and I will charge you extra for the time to make your tracks ready for mixing.  You may have some processing and effects on your tracks that you used while recording or for your rough mix. Unless those are an integral part of the sound (such as distortion on a guitar), they need to be turned off! If you have tons of reverb, chorus, and/or delay, on all the tracks you send me, I can’t remove those types of effects, and will be extremely limited in what I can do for you.

Please read my article on Preparing your tracks for Professional Mixing for more details.

Internet Mixing Process

As described in the FAQ, once I decide to take on your project, and we have discussed what you are going for in detail, you will upload the files to me via FTP or send them to me via some other file transfer service. I will then work on the first pass of the mix and then send you a high quality MP3 file to listen to. You take as much time as you need to listen, and then send me back a list of any changes you want. I’ll make those changes and send you a new MP3 to listen to. Again, you can take as much time as you need, and then send me back another list of changes. I’ll then make the second set of revisions and send you another MP3.

After that, if you need additional revisions, I will do them at $25 per set of revisions. If it’s just one more very small/easy change, I probably won’t charge you for the additional revision, but that’s at my sole discretion.

Alternately, if you have a fast internet connection, we might be able to schedule a live revision session via the internet using streaming software that allows you to hear what I’m doing in real time while also allowing us to communicate.

Once you sign off on the final mix, and pay the remaining balance, I will deliver the final 24 bit mix files (ready to send to mastering). If you also purchased mastering, I will also deliver the final masters in whatever format you need, as well as the un-mastered 24 bit mix files.

Greater Seattle Area Clients

If you’re in the Greater Seattle area, the process is mostly like described above, but we can meet in person for the initial consultation, and then arrange another session together to work on final mix revisions together.